We are a digital
holdings company

Phenomenal software
grows business

Dot was founded from the belief that world-class software grows business exponentially, but access to cutting-edge technology is expensive and complex. We build, partner and invest in game-changing companies that uniquely leverage software.

  • Research & Strategy
  • Product & Development
  • Marketing & Growth

Design Products
for Virality

Build in distribution

at the core

Great products have a viral engine built directly into the core value of the product. Not only should the product be so great that people can't ignore it, but distribution should make the product more valuable.

Visionary teams

build viral products

We work directly with the respective company's industry experts to contrast their deep understanding with our innovative minds. The best teams are diverse in skills, resources, and methodology.

We Humanize Technology

We are obsessed with building technology that becomes one with human biology, not just an extension of it. The next wave of ubiquitous hardware will enable companies to build products that fundamentally evolve human biology.

  • Mixed Reality
  • Voice Software
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Deep Image Learning
  • Automation

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Our Family of

We partner with industry defining companies who  believe that building products people love is the best way to grow a business.

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Founding Partner

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